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In Good Company, Vol.1: The Colorado Sessions

Title : In Good Company, Vol.1: The Colorado Sessions
Release Date : January 1, 2013
Format : CD

Denver-based musician and troubadour, Megan Burtt has gathered some of Colorado’s best musical talent to write and record a unique benefit album for charity.  The project, entitled “In Good Company, Megan Burtt and Friends, vol.1: The Colorado Sessions”, will raise much-needed funds for Love Hope Strength, a non-profit whose mission is to help match bone marrow donors with recipients through bone marrow drives at music events around the country.  With Love Hope Strength’s efforts, over 50,000 people have been added to the bone marrow registry, and over 700 matches have been made.

Recorded at the world-class Immersive studios in Boulder, Colorado, the album features songs co-written by Megan and eleven different artists. A testament to the diverse group of musicians involved, the album spans multiple genres and styles, with the unique twist of Megan’s songwriting and artistry weaving together a group of acts seldom seen together. All told, nearly 50 people—musicians, songwriters, producers, engineers, artists, photographers and managers—have been involved in the production of the record, exemplifying the importance of the cause and the enthusiasm for Megan’s artistic vision.

The album was recorded and mixed by Colorado-based engineer and producer Justin Peacock, and mastered by world-renowned mastering engineer Brian Gardner. The collective result of thousands of man-hours of work by all involved, the sound and songs have the hallmarks of a major-label release and are sure to be well-received.

Track List:

Catch Up With Me – Megan Burtt & Rachel and The Kings
Better – Megan Burtt & The Epilogues
Cover My Eyes – Megan Burtt & Chris Daniels
Fool’s Gold – Megan Burtt & Covenhoven
Hello My Dear – Megan Burtt & Reed Foehl
Sweet Mystery – Megan Burtt & SHEL
Rise and Shine – Megan Burtt & Chimney Choir
Send Me Down The River – Megan Burtt & The Congress
Got A Feeling – Megan Burtt & Bop Skizzum
I Got Plans – Megan Burtt & John Magnie
Stupid – Megan Burtt & Tyler Despres


Catch Up With Me By Megan Burtt & Rachel James
Better By Megan Burtt & Chris Heckman
Cover My Eyes By Megan Burtt & Chris Daniels
Fool’s Gold By Megan Burtt & Joel Van Horne
Hello My Dear By Megan Burtt & Reed Foehl
Sweet Mystery By Megan Burtt & Hannah Holbrook
Rise and Shine By Megan Burtt & David Rynhart & Kevin Larkin
Send Me Down The River By Megan Burtt & Scott Lane
Got A Feeling By Megan Burtt & Andy Rok
I Got Plans By Megan Burtt & John Magnie
Stupid By Megan Burtt & Tyler Despres

Engineered and Mixed by Justin Peacock
Mastered By Brian “Big Bass” Gardner


© 2015 Megan Burtt