Megan Burtt’s release show at the Oriental Theater last weekend demonstrated the Denver music scene at its best. It was a celebration and release of her latest album, The Bargain, and the energy was explosive. Burtt has an amazing ability to bring together people who have been really good at music for a long time.

The Oriental Theater takes you back in time, keeping its old charm in spite of the massive growth seen in the surrounding neighborhood over the past few years. The early crowd at last weekend’s show comprised friends, family, kids and those on whom Burtt has had an impact.

As Burtt took the stage, the entire crowd seemed to migrate to the front of the room to get closer to the badass energy that she emanates. In content, The Bargain is the account of a trying time in Burtt’s life, when she contracted a serious illness while living in Mississippi.

The amazing musicians playing with Burtt relived the experience with her, taking their time to produceThe Bargain with “blood, sweat, and tears,” as she aptly put it. A string quartet joined after the first few songs to create the monumental and symphonic feeling this album craves.

Burtt herself, with her sequined guitar strap, red hair and bright smile, can seriously belt the blues. The Berklee School of Music graduate has been honing her skills with a rigorous touring schedule. We’re lucky that her travels brought her back home to the Mile High City.

Her favorite songs on The Bargain include “Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet,” “The Hurricane”, and “Was It Love.” Buy the new album on iTunes, and see more photos from the amazing night of music below.

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  1. Jordan Johnson 4 years ago

    Megan Burtt must have been really great on stage with how she brought the people together. Though times have changed, her music really lead everyone to a moment of reminiscing the old times.